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March 12, 2020
RE: CVS Health announces COVID-19 resources for small group members
Dear Customers,

In response to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 challenge, CVS Health announced a series of steps designed to promote appropriate testing and allow small group members to continue to receive support even if they are confined to their homes. 
Containing the spread of this epidemic is a top priority that we all share.  Aetna has taken these actions in support of this objective, recognizing the need to act quickly.  At the same time, it is important to us to work closely with you in bringing the right solutions for your plan as this very fluid situation evolves.
As a small group plan sponsor, your members will have access to:

  • Co-pays for members will be waived for all diagnostic testing related to COVID-19. This policy will cover the test kit for patients who meet CDC guidelines for testing, which can be done in any approved laboratory location. Aetna will waive the member costs associated with diagnostic testing at any authorized location for all small group business. 
  • For the next 90 days, Aetna will offer zero co-pay telemedicine visits for any reason. Aetna members should use telemedicine as their first line of defense in order to limit potential exposure in physician offices. Cost sharing will be waived for all video visits through the CVS MinuteClinic app, Aetna-covered Teladoc offerings and in-network providers delivering synchronous virtual care (live video conferencing) for small group plan designs. 
  • Through Aetna's Healing Better program, members who are diagnosed with COVID-19 will receive a care package containing CVS over-the-counter medications to help relieve symptoms. The package will also include personal and household cleaning supplies to help keep others in the home protected from potential exposure. 
  • Through existing care management programs, Aetna will proactively reach out to members most at-risk for COVID-19. Care managers will walk members through what they can do to protect themselves, where to get information on the virus, and where to go to get tested. 

CVS Health is taking additional steps across the company to address the COVID-19 outbreak and protect patient access to medication.  More information about the latest enhancements is available here

  • Beginning immediately, CVS Pharmacy will waive charges for home delivery of prescription medications. With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encouraging people at higher risk for COVID-19 complications to stay at home as much as possible, this is a convenient option to avoid coming to the pharmacy for refills or new prescriptions. 
  • Aetna offers 90-day maintenance medication prescriptions and will waive early refill limits on 30-day prescription maintenance medications for small group members. 

Please contact your Aetna representative with any questions.